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I hereby authorize Roksore Coporation LP to collect, store, and process my personal data, namely:


I have given this consent for the following purposes:


I hereby confirm the following:

  1. The personal data have been provided on an informed and voluntary basis;

  2. The data presented in the questionnaires is true and correct;

  3. This consent has been given for five (5) years subject to unilateral withdrawal at any time, by any of the following means:




(Agreement) For Provision of Information Services


using the Service


1. General provisions. This Public Offer (the “Offer”) On Provision of Information Services is a public offer provided by Roksore Coporation LP (hereinafter, the “Operator”) defining the terms of use of the website and of provision the User with the Operator’s Services (hereinafter, the “Agreement”).


This Offer is addressed to individuals who have legal capacity, being the user of the website, and the Offer is an official public offer made by the Roksore Coporation LP to enter into the Agreement.

The current edition of the Offer is posted on the Operator’s website at the address: for the User to thoroughly read in good faith before accepting the terms of the Offer.

This Agreement shall be deemed concluded and taken effect as a deed of adhesion from the date when the User performs actions set forth in paragraph 3.2 of the Agreement, which mean full and unconditional acceptance of all terms and provisions of the Agreement by the latter, without any exclusions and/or restrictions.


The Operator and User shall be collectively referred as the “Parties”, and individually as the “Party”.


Either Party shall represents and warrants that it has required legal capacity, as well as all rights and powers necessary and sufficient to conclude and execute the Agreement according to the terms and provisions hereof.


2. Terms and Definitions used in the Agreement. For the purpose of this Agreement the below terms shall have the following meaning:


Authorization data means the data enabling to authenticate the User. By default, the User’s login and password shall be the Authorization data. Other types of the Authorization data can be used in the cases provided for by this Agreement.


Authentication means certification of the User’s legal capacity to conduct transactions using the Service, and/or receive information about transactions using the Service according to the manner established hereby. For conducting transaction using the Service the User shall be authenticated with the Operator’s software based on the Authorization data entered by the User.


The Application means an electronic document generated by the User based on the Information using the Service.


Information means the data on preferred characteristics of the loan provided by the User and employed by the Operator to generate the Report, as well as the User’s details, including its Personal data. Requirements to the Information contained in the Application are specified in Schedule 1 hereto.


The Lender means a legal entity carrying out microfinancial activity and granting the loan to the Borrower on the terms established by the Loan Agreement.


The Operator – Roksore Coporation LP 12 South Bridge, Suite 1, Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1DD, UK , providing the Users with the Service, and carrying out other actions associated with using the Service


The Report means an electronic document generated by the Operator based on the Application containing the list of the available offers made by the Lenders granting a loan in the region specified by the User and according to the parameters as selected by the latter, which list is provided to the User by means of posting on the Personal User Account.


The User means an individual accessing the Website, who passed the registration procedure and obtained personal Authorization data, and who has its own Persona User Account.

Operator’s Website (Website) means the Operator’s information resource on the information and telecommunication global network (hereinafter, the “Internet”) located at the address:, through which the User has an access to the Operator’s Service to generate the Application.


The Service means the Operator’s information and technology system posted on the Operator’s Website, which makes it possible to generate and submit the User’s Application for consideration of the Lender for the User to obtain the loan.


Help Desk means an Operator’s division that at the User’s request provides the latter with the information about using the Service (by phone or email, with the Operator’s employee engaged).


Tariffs mean the list of types and amount of the remuneration to be paid to the Operator for provision of the Services to the User.


A Service means the activities carried out by the Operator, including collection and processing of the Information within the Application aimed at the preparation and provision of the User with information about the Lenders’ offers that meet the requirements generated by the User using the Service, as well as submission of the Users’ Applications by the Operator for consideration by the Lenders, for the User to obtain the loan.


3. Scope of the Agreement


3.1. This Agreement shall establish the terms and procedure for provision of Services to the User using the Operator’s Service.


3.2. Acceptance of the terms of this Agreement shall be a mark of consent with the terms of this Agreement in the registration field at the time of registration of the User.


3.3. The User shall pay for the Operator’s Services according to Section 6 hereof.


4. Procedure and Terms of Provision of the Service


4.1. Registration on the Website.


4.1.1. To access the Service, the User shall accept the terms of this Agreement when completing the User Form on the Website. The User’s mark of acceptance of the terms of this Agreement at the time of entering the User’s data on the Website shall mean acceptance of this Agreement.

4.1.2. The User shall complete the User’s Form on the Website by entering the proper registration form. When filling in the data on the Website, the User shall enter the User’s full name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and the password.


4.1.3. The User shall agree to display true, complete and reliable information and maintain the same updated. The User shall provide personal data according to Section 7 of this Agreement.


4.1.4. The User agrees that it shall be solely liable for keeping confidential the Authorization data it use for accessing the Website. Also, the User agrees that it shall be exclusively liable to the Operator for all actions conducted upon entering the personal data.


4.1.5. If the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use of its Authorization data, the User shall notify the Operator of the same without delay by contacting the Help Desk.


4.1.6. The User shall refrain from disclosure (or, if disclosing, be solely liable to the fullest extent) at the time of registration on the Website, the surname, name, patronymic, email address, and other personal data of other Users or any third parties without its personal consent to such actions expressly provided in any confirmable form.


4.2. General Rules of Using the Service


4.2.1. In order to use the Services provided by the Operator within the scope of this Agreement, the User shall always perform the procedure of filing the Application as established by the Agreement.


4.2.2. To file the Application, the User shall provide the Information according to the requirements specified in Schedule 1 hereto. When generating the Application, the User shall select the characteristics of the loan desired, viz. the amount, the term of the loan, and establish and modify the method of granting the loan within the limits established by the Operator.


4.2.3. The Application filing procedure shall be accomplished by the payment transaction conducted by the User. The User shall pay for the services under this Agreement in the amount and according to the procedure specified in Section 6 hereof.  


4.2.4. When receiving the Application, the Operator shall: - confirm the receipt of the Application and assign the Application number; - generate and present the Report to the User by posting it on the User Personal Account; - send the Application for consideration of possible Lenders (from the list of the Lenders placed on the Website);


4.2.5. The Operator’s obligations within the scope of this Agreement shall be limited to the provision of the Services for intermediary activity for analysis and selection of the Lenders’ financial products (offers) that comply with the User’s requirements. If the Lender grants the loan to the User, the Operator shall not be a party to the agreement made by and between the User and Lender, and therefore, the Operator shall neither regulate no supervise whether the transaction complies with the current law and regulation, the terms of the transaction, as well as the deed and effects of the conclusion, fulfillment, or termination of the agreement, including as pertains the loan repayment, nor the Operator considers the User’s claims on nonperformance (improper performance) of the Lender’s obligations under such an agreement.


4.2.6. The Operator shall give no guarantee of granting loans by the Lenders upon generating the Application by the User, but only selects most probable options of lending (offers) and send the Application for consideration of prospective Lenders. It is the Lender who makes a decision on granting the loan. No data on the Lenders’ financial products (offers) provided by the Operator in the Report to the User shall be an offer for provision of financial services.


4.2.7. The Operator shall service the User on a 24/7 basis. The Operator’s actions in furtherance of fulfillment of this Agreement that are not in automatic mode shall be conducted on weekdays.


5. Rights and Obligations of the Parties.


5.1. Rights and Obligations of the Operator:


5.1.1 The Operator shall provide the User with an opportunity of the round-a-clock access to the Website.


5.1.2. The Operator shall be entitled to check and previously moderate the Information disclosed by the User.


5.1.3. The Operator shall consider all Applications and present the corresponding Reports provided that the User read and understood the terms of this Agreement and duly completed the Application.


5.1.4. The Operator shall notify the Users of any amendments to the terms of this Agreement by publishing the latest version on the Website.


5.1.5. The Operator shall have the right to block the User if the latter failed to observe the provisions hereof.


5.1.6. The Operator may suspend the operation of the Website and/or the Service, as well as hardware and software ensuring interaction between the Parties within the scope of this Agreement, if any essential faults, errors, or failures are detected, as well as for the purpose of preventive maintenance and prevention of unauthorized access.


5.1.7. The Operator may limit the amount of the loan to generate the Application for certain categories of the Users. The limitation can be determined, including but not limited to use of failure to use by the User of the Operator’s supplementary services. Specific limitations under this paragraph above are displayed on the Website.


5.2. Rights and Obligations of the User:


5.2.1. The User shall observe the rules of this Agreement.


5.2.2. The User shall provide reliable Information upon registration on the Website and thereafter.


5.2.3. The User shall agree neither to reproduce, reduplicate, copy, sell, or resell, nor use for any business purposes any parts of the Service unless the Operator gave the User a written consent thereto.


5.2.4. The User shall access the Website using its Authorization data only from a single device at a time.


5.2.5. The User shall independently and in due time read the Information about changing the Tariffs and terms of this Agreement posted on the Website.


5.2.6. The User shall pay for the Services according to the Tariffs, within the time limit and under the terms established by the Operator.


5.2.7. The User shall have the right to file claims with the Operator and send applications according to the procedure and in the events provided for by this Agreement;


6. Cost of the Services and Payment Procedure


6.1. The Operator shall establish the cost of the Operator’s Services in the Tariffs published on the Website.


6.2. The Operator shall have the right to alter unilaterally, fully or partially (i.e. to increase, decrease), establish new Tariffs, and/or cancel the existing ones. If the User does not agree with the alteration (enforcement) of the new Tariffs, it may unilaterally withdraw from this Agreement according to the procedure covered by Section 10.3 of this Agreement.


6.3. The User shall pay 100% remuneration in advance (other payment procedure is possible if provided for by the terms of sales promotion (offer) at the moment of confirmation using the Application Service.


6.4. The User shall pay for the Operator’s Services using a bank card via the Website (or by any other methods as preliminary agreed with the Operator, including the use of online technologies not conflicting with the law).


6.5. When the Services are provided, no Service Delivery Certificate is generated or signed. The Services shall be deemed duly provided and accepted by the User in full unless the Operator obtained from the User any written reasoned objections in respect of quality of the Services rendered within one calendar day upon expiry of the term of service provision, to the email: If there is no written objection within the period specified, the Services shall be deemed of proper quality.


7. Personal data


7.1. By placing its personal data, any other data and details on the Website, the User shall confirm that it have read, understood and agree with the Policy in respect of processing personal data at Roksore Coporation LP posted on the Website, and that it gave the Operator its consent to process personal data for the purpose of fulfillment of this Agreement.

7.2. The purpose of processing the User’s personal data is in the delivery of the Services to the User, providing the User with the opportunity to use the Service, running advertising campaigns, providing targeting advertisement, and carrying out other activities described in the Agreement.


7.3. The User’s personal data shall be processed from the moment of User registration on the Website until withdrawal of the Consent to personal data processing.


7.4. The User agrees that the Operator shall send the information about advertising campaigns run by the Operator and/or its partners (including the Lenders), and any other information not forbidden for distribution, to the email address notified by the User.


8. Liability of the Parties


8.1. For nonperformance or improper performance of the provisions of this Agreement, the Parties shall be held liable as stipulated herein.


8.2. The Operator shall moderate the Information placed by the User, however, it shall not be held liable for the consequences of the User’s failure to comply with the requirements stated in paragraphs 4.1.3 to 4.1.6 of this Agreement.


8.3. The User agrees that the Service provided by the Operator may be a protected intellectual property.


8.4. The text content (articles, publications publicly available on the Website) may be distributed if an active link to the Website is available.


8.5. The Operator shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred by the User due to the use or failure to use the Website, or some Website services.


8.6. The Operator shall not be held liable for any acts or omission of the Lenders granting the loan, as well as for any information or any data on granting the loan disclosed by the Lender. The Lenders shall make a decision on granting the loan, the Operator not giving a guarantee of granting loans or credits, but only selecting the most possible options for lending.


8.7. The Operator shall not be responsible for achieving any results of implementation of the information disclosed to the User in the Report. The User shall use any information provided by the Operator in respect of the Lenders’ offers at its own risk.


8.8. The Operator shall not be held liable for incompliance of the Service provided with the User’s expectations and/or for its perceptions; such incompliance with expectations and/or negative perceptions shall not constitute grounds to consider the Services of bad quality or insufficient.


8.9. Provisions of this Agreement shall not exclude or limit the Operator’s responsibility for the infliction of los to the extent that such responsibility may not be excluded or limited.


9. Dispute Settlement Procedure


9.1. All disputes and disagreements that arise or may arise out of this Agreement at the initiative of the User shall be subject to extrajudicial disput.

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